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Message From Executive Director

Our community,

It’s great to see the overwhelming support we’ve received from all levels for our residents association. It feels great to bring the community together to share our concerns and to support our local businesses. ​

​Our neighbourhood is rapidly changing due to an enormous amount of construction developments…but at what cost? With blackouts becoming more common and government services stretched to the limit, can our infrastructure sustain this level of development? Our roads are blocked, traffic is insane and public transit is insufficient. Our favourite restaurants & entertainment venues are being torn down along with the heritage buildings that they occupy.  ​

​This is our home & our community and we need to stand together. Only as a strong unified voice can we protect the vitality of our neighbourhood and demand the services we require to carry out our daily lives.

​I encourage every resident to add your voice to our community. Please take the time to email us with your contact details so that we may keep you informed of important community meetings & events.  There is no charge to join TEDRA, so please join us and let your voice be heard!